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We aim to achieve the following through our programmes: 

  • To educate families and challenge them to share their knowledge and understanding with other families. 
  • To enhance the functioning of families through fulfilling the developmental tasks at different stages of the family life cycle.
  • To empower families to function positively as a unit and to work towards self-sufficiency.

Through this process, we want to enable families to be the champion for family life in their community.

This is achieved by equipping individuals and families with the knowledge and skills to cope with the changing roles and demands in life.


Programmes and Facilities

Parenting talks for your organisation, whether for parents from Schools or from the Corporations can be purposefully customised to meet the needs and requirements by the Host organisation. We aim to make every parenting session to be effective and beneficial to our participants. 

Topics Offered include the following:

- YouthConnect@internet- Parenting in This Internet Age 
- Developing Financial Literacy in the Next Generation 
- Age Appropriate Discipline Methods 
- What is “CULT8R?” - (Understanding Our Youths and Their World)
- DiSC- Parenting By Design
- How to Tame The Horses- Listen More Talk Less- (Listening to your Teenagers and Learning useful strategies for keeping communication open)
- Love In Different Languages- A Servant Leadership Model 
- Raising A Responsible Child 
- Attaining Equilibrium in Marriage
- Honey, Are You Listening to Me?- Agree to Disagree
- Manage Your Conflict Before It Manages You!!
- Money No Enough
- Where is the Line?- Setting of Boundaries: Building responsibilities and Independence
- Responsibility Is Caught Not Taught- Understanding discipline- Self discipline?


Operation Hours

This programme runs on an Ad-Hoc Basis




Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are currently unavailable at the moment





For more information on Family Life Education
Please contact: Michael Tiew
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 6339 7611